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The Simplest Knot ربطة ولا أسهل

Product Description

حصلت ياسمينا على حذاء جديد أحبته كثيرًا. لكنها سرعان
ما تعبت من مناداة أمها لمساعدتها في ربطه، فقررت أن تتعلم
ربطه بنفسها. وكم وجدت ذلك سهلاً. في الكتاب وصف لربط
الحذاء بكل مراحله

Yasmina gets a new pair of shoes with laces. She loves them but has no idea how to tie the laces. She asks mum to tie them whenever she wears the shoes and every time the laces get loose and trip her. Sometimes she would have to wait for her mother for a while before she could tie her laces for her. Yasmina decides to learn how to tie them herself and asks mum to teach her and practises until she nails it. The Simplest Knot visually illustrates how to tie shoelaces and teaches pre-schoolers to depend on themselves and learn to overcome difficulties without relying heavily on their parents.


Author: Fatima Sharafeddine

Illustrators: Lena Merhej, Maya Chami

Publisher: Kalimat

12 pages

Board book

Dimensions: 16 x 16cm

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