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The boy who collected water الصبي الذي جمع الماء

Product Description

لأن عينيه عينا فنان، وقلبه قلب شاعر، فقد رأى فرنسيسكو في المياه، أي مياه، وأينما وجدها، مركب حلم ودعوة سفر. تُرى، ماذا سيحمل من رحلاته، وإلى أين سيأخذنا؟

Because his eyes are the eyes of an artist, and his heart is the heart of a poet. Wherever he finds water, he finds a boat and a travel invitation. Find out what happens when he dreams and where his dreams take him.


  • Translated from original copy in Brazilian Portuguese


Author:  Elaine Pasquali Cavion

Illustrator: Lúcia Hiratsuka

Publisher: Al-Hadaek Group

32 pages


Dimensions: 25 x 21cm

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