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Rice ごはん

Product Description

表紙は、どーんとごはん茶椀のごはん。表紙をめくると、扉にどーんとおひつのごはん。扉をめくると、「たきこみごはん」の文字の隣に、どーんと豆ごはん! そのページをめくると、今度は、たけのこごはん、あさりごはん、かきごはん……とおいしそうなたきこみごはんが、ずらーり! そのあとも、オムライスがどーん! もう、たまらない! 

On the cover is a bowl of rice. When you turn the cover, you will see rice ready to be served on the title page. After the title page, next to the word "cooked rice", there's bean rice! When you turn the page again, you'll find lots of delicious bamboo shoot rice, clam rice, oyster rice, and so on! After that, there's an omelette with rice! I'm dying of hunger! 


Author: Eriko Hirano

Publisher: Fukuinkan Shoten

36 pages


Dimensions: 26 x 27cm

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