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Koozy كوزي

Product Description

فاجئنا الحياة أحيانًا بغياب من نحبّ، تختفي القطّة كوزي من حياة صديقها الصّغير فجأة، فيحزن ويتألّم لغيابها. أين اختفت كوزي؟ وهل سيتمكّن الطّفل، بطل القصّة، من التّغلّب على مشاعر الحزن بسبب فراقها؟

Life surprises us sometimes by the sudden and unexpected absence of loved ones. Koozy the cat suddenly disappears from the life of her young friend. The young boy feels sadness and pain at her absence and tries to understand why his beloved Koozy disappeared and where she may have gone. Will the boy be able to come to terms with her loss?


  • shortlisted for the 2018 Etisalat Prize for Arabic Children's Literature in three categories (best book, best illustrations, best production) and won the “best production” prize.


Author: Anastasia Qarawani

Illustrator: Maja Kastelic

Publisher: Al Salwa

32 pages


Dimensions: 21 x 27cm

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