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I Worry Too Much 걱정이 너무 많아

Product Description

그린이는 걱정이 많습니다. 반 친구들 앞에서 구멍 난 바지를 들킨 이후로 바지가 또 터질까 봐 걱정, 휴대폰을 잃어버린 일 때문에 또 잃어버릴까 봐 걱정, 학교 화장실에서 볼일을 보고 싶은데 냄새난다고 친구들이 놀릴까 봐 걱정…. 걱정이 생길 때마다 그린이는 걱정 괴물이 하나씩 달라붙는 것처럼 몸이 무겁습니다. 마음속에 먹구름이 낀 듯 기분도 안 좋고요.

Guelin is very worried. "I'm worried that my pants will split again in front of my classmates, I'm worried that I'll lose my phone again, I want to go to the toilet in the school bathroom, but I'm worried that my friends will make fun of me..." Whenever a worry arises, Greene's body is heavy like a worry monster is clinging to him. "I feel bad as if there's a dark cloud in my heart." 


Author/Illustrator: Kim Young-jin

Publisher: Gilbut Kid

40 pages

Hardcover Book

Dimensions: 38 x 47.2cm 

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