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I Made A Friend! 친구가 생겼어!

Product Description

쌍둥이 자매 하영이 하진이에게 친구가 생겼어요. 바로 둥둥이와 붕붕이예요. 둥둥이와 붕붕이도 생김새가 꼭 닮은 쌍둥이 강아지랍니다. 하영이가 걸으면 둥둥이도 걷고 하진이가 뛰면 붕붕이도 뛰고요, 하영이 하진이가 숨으면 둥둥이 붕붕이가 찾아요.

Twin sisters Ha-young and Ha-jin have made a friend. They're called Dongdong and Bungbung. Dongdong and Bungbung are twin puppies that look alike. When Ha-young walks, Dong-dong walks, and when Ha-jin runs, Bungbung runs, and when Ha-young and Ha-jin hide, the puppies search for them. 


Author/Illustrator: Jeong Ho-sun

Publisher: Gilbut Kid

26 pages

Board Book

Dimensions: 16 x 18.5cm

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