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I Like Vegetables 채소가 좋아

Product Description

“뽑아 줘, 뽑아 줘.” 어디서 나는 소리일까요? 주위를 둘러보니, 땅 위로 힘차게 줄기를 뻗은 채소가 있어요. 쑥 뽑아 보니, 뾰족뾰족 당근이네요. “따 줘, 따 줘.” 이번에는 꼬불꼬불 덩굴 속 오이가 말을 거네요. “뜯어 줘, 뜯어 줘.” 하고 말하는 채소는 풍성한 잎사귀가 가득한 상추예요.

“Pull it, pull it,” Where's that voice coming from? I look around and see a vegetable with strong stems above the ground. When I pull it from the top, it turns out to be a carrot. “Pick it, pick it.” This time, the cucumber in the winding vine is speaking. “Rip it, rip it.” The vegetable that's talking now is the lettuce full of abundant leaves.


Author: Lee Rin Hae

Illustrator: Jo Eun-young

Publisher: Gilbut Kid

22 pages

Board Bood

Dimensions: 16.5 x 19cm

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