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The Shortest Haircut قصة ولا أقصر!

Product Description

هناك خصلة شعر طويلة تزعج ياسمينا، فتقرر أن تقصها
بنفسها. ولكنها تقص خصلة أخرى، وأخرى.. إلى أن يصبح
شعرها كله غير متناسق. تأخذها أمها إلى الحلاق لتعديل
القَصّة، فيضطر أن يقصه قصيرًا جدًّا. ماذا ستفعل كي لا
تبدو كالصِبْية بهذه القَصّة القصيرة جدًّا؟

Yasmina has a strand of hair that keeps falling onto her forehead and bothering her. To solve this problem, she gets a pair of scissors and decides to give herself a haircut which ends up being a disaster. She cuts the front, the back, and the sides in order to see better and show her ears. Her mother stops her and takes her to a hairdresser who has no option but to cut her hair even shorter. Yasmina ends up looking like a boy. The Shortest Haircut is a humorous story about common and risky behaviours that children may exhibit without their parents’ authority and end up with results backfiring at them in a comical manner.


Author: Fatima Sharafeddine

Illustrators: Lena Merhej, Maya Chami

Publisher: Kalimat

16 pages

Board book

Dimensions: 16 x 16cm

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