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A to Z animals ألف.. باء الحيوانات

Product Description

نال هذا الكتاب جائزة معرض بيروت الدولي للكتاب/ فئة أفضل إخراج. إنّها رحلة‮ ‬في‮ ‬عالم الحيوان‮. ‬من الصّغير الصّغير حتى الكبير الضخم‮.. ‬تختار‮ ‮«‬تفّاحة» ‬من كلّ‮ ‬حرف حيواناً،‮ ‬تتعرّف إليه،‮ ‬وتعرّفنا‮: ‬شكله،‮ ‬بيته،‮ ‬طعامه،‮ ‬عائلته،‮ ‬علاقتـــنا به،‮ ‬وأهمّ‮ ‬ميزاته

This book won the Beirut International Book Fair / Best Production category. It is a journey into the animal world. From the smallest critter to the greatest giant. From each letter of the alphabet, Tuffaha chooses an animal that starts with that letter. You get to learn about it by finding out: it's shape, it's habitat, it's diet, it's family and our relationship with it, along with it's most important features.


Author: Nabiha Muhaidli

Illustrator: Lujaina Al Aseel

Publisher: Al-Hadaek Group

64 pages


Dimensions: 28 x 21cm

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