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What Does 'Dunya' Mean?

Dunya means 'The World' in many Asian languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian and Turkish. 


How do I choose an appropriate reading level for my child?

Our 'shop by age' filter is categorised to reflect a suitable reading level for an adult to read to a child. If your child is starting to learn to read, they may prefer books in the 0 - 2 years or 3 - 5 years age range depending on their level. Most of our books provide a sneak peak page which helps you gauge the difficulty of the book. If there are more than 4 or 5 words that they don't know on the page then it's probably too difficult to read alone. 

Our books are categorised as below:

0 - 2 years: These books are generally board books and smaller in size so that they can be easily handled by babies and toddlers. They include simple concepts and vocabulary such as colours, shapes and everyday objects. 

3 - 5 years: This reading level includes books that follow a short, simple storyline, often teach valuable lessons, and introduce characters that your young child can relate to.

6+ years: These books have longer and more detailed storylines that require a longer attention span. They have more difficult concepts to grasp such as science, travel and relationships. 


Can I request a book that isn't stocked by your store?

Yes! We are more than happy to search for a book that you're interested in within our range of languages. We source our books from a large number of publishers and wholesalers and have access to most titles. Please send an email to melissa@littledunyabooks with the title, author, language and if known, the ISBN number. 


I'm an adult learning a foreign language. How do I choose a suitable book?

Using children's books to learn a foreign language is a fantastic way to increase vocabulary and learn in a natural and fun way. You can find your appropriate reading level using the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) as follows:

Beginner A1: Age 0 - 2 years

Beginner A2: Age 3 - 5 years

Intermediate B1: Age 6+ years


Do you offer bulk orders for Schools or Libraries?

Yes! We are very happy to work with schools and libraries to stock our books. We can help you select the right books and accommodate different payment methods. Please email to get started.