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Our Story

The word dunya means 'the world' in many Asian languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Persian and Indonesian.  


As a mother to a 2 year old boy, I wanted to share my love of language and culture through picture books, however, I struggled to find modern, appealing picture books in languages other than English.

And so, the idea of a children's foreign language bookshop was born. With such a large number of our fellow citizens speaking Asian languages and a personal interest in Asian cultures and languages, it was decided to dedicate a bookstore to this diverse region.

The sifting and sorting of thousands of books has already been done for you so that you can easily choose between a wide selection of different interests, ranging from classics to the latest releases. Our selection of stock is limited to only those of high quality, with the majority of books written by native authors to reflect the culture and traditions of their home country. 

Our wish is to show children (and adults) the beauty of their own or other's cultures and give them the desire to continue to learn languages through the love of picture books.